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liveforexsignal140716performance My Forex Account Performance For 2014 Half Year


Trading currency: EUR/USD only.

London time is the only trading time.

About the Take Profit and stop loss, usually 15-22 pips, you can set 30 pips safe Take Profit and 30 pips safe stop loss.

Most of the time 1 open trade, Maximum active trades is 2.

Money management: 1 mini lot(10000) per $1000 is OK. If your account is up 20%, then you can re-calculate your position size. For example, if you have $1000 in your account and your account is up 20%. You now have $1200 in your account. You can use 1.2 mini lot per trade.
And then if you make $240(20% on the basis of $1200), you now have $1440 in your account. You can use 1.44 lot per trade, and so on. Vice versa.

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Total pips: 91
Winning trades: 10
Lossing trade: 1
Average trade time: ≈30 minutes.
For more information, please visit my performance page.
Then click the “PERFORMANCE” in the top of the page. Then search Signal Provider Name “forexwarrior”.



EUR/USD: 37.5pips

Long gone is the time when only banks and private institutions could trade the Forex market. Now, individuals have access to trade their own money, and lots of it. The exchange of foreign currencies has since been open to private investors, central banks like Bank of America, and several countries. But now with the introduction of the Expert Advisor trading systems, the smaller trader can now automate their trades like the big companies do.

The systems allow the user to set their own parameters and trading guidelines. The program consists of software that has been develeoped for a specific type of trading style, not everyone trades the same. Some spot trade, some trade big, some hedge and so on and so forth. The developers of these types of software take into consideration any nuances of Forex trading as well as being aware that the market is trading 24 hours a day, even during weekends.

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This is a very good question and sadly not one that enough investors think to ask. After all, when anyone first enters into Forex trading there will always be a lot things that you don’t know and your broker would seem to be the logical source of great information—right? Even the very notion of Forex trades being “commission free” is not actually accurate and it is therefore in the broker’s best interest to convince any investor to trade because that is when the broker makes their money.

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The possibility of losses is the downside the forex market has. This downside has an upside to it. It’s the fact that you can’t lose much. You can make profits in the forex market even when you lose half the time but how much you lose can be controlled if you carefully apply the principles of forex money management.

It is important that you understand that like every other market, sooner or later, everyone loses so you’ll lose sometimes. You should be prepared to make loses before you begin any form of trading since there are no enchanted systems or magic softwares that will be correct always, irrespective of what the books say, and nobody’s perfect enough to call every trade perfectly.

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