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Collective2 is an automatic system for Forex traders. This service is giving automatic signals to users so that they can take timely actions. It is easy to take start in collective2 and the professionals are available all the time for assistance. When you are using this system then you are not required to be a master in Forex. With some knowledge or no knowledge about Forex market you are able to start using this system.

Professionals are helpful and ready to guide you from start to use this service. You can get many trades when you are using this system. Many people have used this system and they are happy with the results. Forex market is not same all the time. Collective2 is giving a reliable strategy and professional support which can increase the chances of getting trades and profits in the Forex market.

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Zulutrade is an automatic service for assistance of Forex traders. Signals can be obtained through this service automatically so that the user is able to take instant actions and check the results about the trading in Forex. With zulutrade it is not required to get details about the working of Forex market. All the working will be done by zulutrade and the user is just required to get registration for using the service.

You can start to use the service for free and get registered. All the dealings on Forex of your account will be done through Zulutrade and you will get results in live about the progress. Registration is simple and instant in Zulutrade. You can get registered automatically and provide some details in a form so that you can start getting benefits from this service.

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Blue Spread Indicator shows current spread with color line.

Download Blue Spread Indicator:
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Auto Manual Screenshot Indicator will take a screenshot when orders are opened or closed. To take a manual screenshot simply click the camera button.

Download Auto Manual Screenshot Indicator:
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30 Oscillator In 1 For Identify Divergence Indicator will try to find the divergence by selecting one of 30 oscillator.
1. Accelerator
2. Accumulation / Distribution
3. Average Directional Movement Index
4. Average True Range
5. Awesome oscillator
6. Bears Power
7. Bulls Power
8. Commodity Channel Index
9. DeMarker
10. Force Index
11. Momentum
12. Money Flow Index
13. Moving Averages Convergence / Divergence
14. Moving Average of Oscillator
15. On Balance Volume
16. Relative Vigor Index
17. Standard Deviation
18. Stochastic Oscillator
19. Volume
20. Close
21. Open
22. High
23. Low
24. (H + L) / 2
25. (H + L + C) / 3
26. (H + L + C + C) / 4
27. (O + C + H + L) / 4
28. (O + C) / 2
29. Relative Strength Index
30. Larry Williams’ Percent Range
31. … Relative Strength Index

Download 30 Oscillator In 1 For Identify Divergence Indicator:
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Pair Strength Analyzer Indicator ranks both pairs and currencies, from the strongest trending down to the most sideways moving.

Download Pair Strength Analyzer Indicator:
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Orders Change Notify EA will alert when new order placed, new order closed, new pending placed, pending filled and pending deleted.

Download Orders Change Notify EA:
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Forex Trades History Indicator shows trades history on chart with entry and exit arrow.

Download Forex Trades History Indicator:
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One Click Close Trade EA will create a button that will appear close to the current trades. Traders can close positions in one click without confirmation by clicking the button.

Download One Click Close Trade EA:
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Multi Charts In One Window Indicator can show multiple charts in one window – the same pair with different timeframes. It can also show some standard indicators in the charts, like MA, PSAR, BB, RSI.

Download Multi Charts In One Window Indicator:
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