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The Pros And Cons Of Forex Momentum Indicators

Forex trading without forex momentum indicators are considered to be one of the advisable methods and nowadays people are following this procedure which is also known as Price Action method.

Forex Divergence Trading

You will then want to grab a chart of whichever price indicator you use. This is what we are going to use to decide whether any divergence has taken place. You will need to grab your pens again and draw a line between either the two highest points or the two lowest points, depending on what you did in the previous task. They need to line up vertically with the other ones in order to establish whether divergence has taken place or not.

What Is Forex Heiken Ashi Indicator?

The Heiken Ashi indicator was developed to smooth out your erratic portions of the chart so that it easier for trader to make an informed decision. This indicator is often placed right next to the candlestick chart to show the complete picture so that the trader it’s a better idea of what is going on. This way the trader has a more complete picture of what is actually happening. The function of the Heiken Ashi indicator is to average out the open close high lows to get more appealing display.

Fibonacci Analysis In Forex Trading

Fibonacci forex trading is the basis of many forex trading systems used by a great number of professional forex brokers around the globe, and many billions of dollars are profitable traded every year based on these trading techniques. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician and he is best remembered by his world famous Fibonacci sequence, the […]

What Is Fibonacci Retracement?

The Fibonacci retracement numbers have become more popular recently as traders have begun to see the value in utilizing these numbers that consistently predict new trends. If you take the time to study the Fibonacci retracements and check them against the current numbers and then follow them, you will see that most of the predictions are accurate, sometimes right on the money.

What Is a Gravestone-Doji?

A doji is a crucial candlestick, and the gravestone-doji is a very common example of a doji. The gravestone-doji is a crucial candlestick that gets its name because the candlestick looks very much like a gravestone. The gravestone-doji also got its name at a time when traders were not allowed to trade online and hence […]

The Good and Bad of a Floating Exchange Rate

A floating exchange rate is a system in which the value of a currency is found out by the play of demand and supply in the market. The currency value in such an exchange rate regime is not determined by government interventions. Even so, a vast majority of central banks try to ensure that their […]

What Is Forex Hanging Man

Forex represents an opportunity for investors to make easy money. Or so they think. In fact, Forex can be really tricky for first time investors who are not sure about what they are doing. What is a Hanging Man? A hanging man pattern happens at the end of an uptrend. It happens when there is […]

What Is Forex Hammer Candlesticks

They key behind any investor’s success is the time they spend understanding and analysing information and their ability to do this successfully. This is why traders and buyers depend greatly on charts and indicators to make sure that their financial decisions are fully justified. They need a signal or an indicator that can help them […]