What is Foreign Exchange?

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Even though it may sound really surprising to some, the fact of the matter is that Forex happens to be the world’s largest market! Abbreviated from Foreign Exchange, the term ‘Forex’ refers to currency exchange. This is normally a way of comparing one country’s value of money to another country’s!

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The reason why Forex may be referred to as the world’s largest market is because there is no other market where so much cash is traded on a daily basis. This kind of trading is utilized by pretty much everyone, such as newbie individuals, expert brokers, huge organizations as well as country governments. One of the main reasons behind the immense popularity of Forex is its liquidity and time flexibility. Since one can trade practically during any time of most days, there is no time constraint involved.

On the other hand, ‘liquidity’ is used to indicate market liquidity, which basically means that one has the flexibility or ability to sell or buy in the Forex industry without being largely subjected to quick price fluctuations. The primary reason behind this is the fact that currency value mostly depends on internal country aspects, and not external factors, and therefore, Forex does not have do to anything with fear-stricken sell-offs.

As United States dollar can be regarded as the world’s defining currency, it is not at all surprising that most Forex transactions involve USD. In fact, data suggests that around 89% of transactions are somehow related to USD, while only 37% near Euro and 20% Yen. Take note of the fact that these numbers do not constitute to 100%, and that is because during any transaction, two currencies get involved.

One very common aspect of the Forex industry is speculations, and that is a very controversial aspect in a lot of ways among economists as well as politicians. Many are willing to believe that currency speculation matters a lot when it comes to economic rise or fall, mainly because when a country’s currency is low, the price of imported goods cannot keep up with the inflation rate that occurs. Moreover, when a country primarily exports, it may even be beneficial to the country if its currency falls relatively, because when that happens, goods can be easily purchased by others.

There is a contrasting view regarding Forex speculations, however. A number of prominent industry leaders are willing to subscribe to the idea that speculations work to regulate a country’s currency, adhering to international laws. Many even believe that this opposing way of view is mostly encouraged by leaders who try to deflect people’s attention from domestic policies when it comes to giving reasons behind economic downfalls.

Anybody who is trying to be a part of the industry, especially beginners, need to understand that it is best to get involved in this whole Forex trading thing with the help of brokers or banks, since such organizations are often regulated by international laws and country governments, preventing any unlawful activity. Moreover, when an individual does not do everything directly, the extent of risk gets diminished to a certain extent too, as insulation remains as a safety net in case of any loss.

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