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Lots of people have different questions about Tallinex that they always want to know. So here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions of a great number of people. The first question is about the time that is taken for your live account of Tallinex to be opened. Well, the time for approval is supposed to depend on the time that is taken for submitting all the documents that are required for setting up your account. All of the required documents are to be submitted when you give the application; after that there are chances for your account to be approved in one working day or may be less.

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The next question arises about any sort of bonus schemes. So, the answer is actually positive, and there IS offered bonus schemes by Tallinex. All of the customers automatically become eligible for hundred percent deposit bonuses of the company that can be withdrawn easily. Every time the deposits of all the new funds are to be recorded in the bank of Tallinex and there are possibilities for it to be earned backwards as the cash when there is sufficient amount of trading volume. Presently, the requirement of volume is ½ lots per euro or dollar. Moreover, there is no limit of tie for the qualification. The withdrawals from the account are given the permission and it does not affect the progress of qualification at all. For resuming the bonus qualification, the additional funds can easily be deposited and trading can be started again. Further details can also be checked on the web site.

The clients also want to know that whether the residents of United States and Columbia are accepted or not. Well, the answer is again yes! In fact the residents of United States and Columbia are welcomed by Tallinex and they are supposed to be provided with the same type of leverage as well as the hedging facilities and stuff as the non- United States or non-Columbian residents.

The trade size that is considered to be the minimum at Tallinex is 0.01 and 0.10 lots respectively for the accounts of ECN-MICRO and ECN-PRO. About the regulation of Tallinex, the FSA is considered to be responsible to ensure that the company is complying with the obligations under the act of IBC. The Financial Services Authority strictly enforces the practices of business that is either equal or greater than the requirements of the regulators of financial services in a number of different countries.

If the customers want to have joint accounts or multiple party accounts, they are allowed for that as well by Tallinex. For this, there is a need for completing an application of the internet and the required documents are to be provided to all the parties. There can be lots of other questions that the customers of Tallinex and other people want to ask about them. You can get all the answers of your questions in different articles related to Tallinex.

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