Things to know about JFD Broker

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The JFD Broker is not actually a market maker, plus it does not trade in opposition to its clients ever. There are two ways for all the trades to be passed, i.e. to be passed directly to the reference market that includes foreign exchange, etc. or they are supposed to be hedged entirely at the same time.

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The security and safety of the investment of the client is preferred the most by the JFD Brokers. All the funds of the clients are supposed to be kept separate from the capital of the company and they are deposited with either British bank or German bank. The funds of the clients are to be paid with a specific bank that has a license of German banking; it has an affiliation with the Fund protection of German bank. While dealing with the process further, all the funds of the clients are to be held by a group of Royal Bank in Scotland; this group is one of the greatest banking groups of the world. Additionally, The JFD Broker is considered to be one of the members of Investor Compensation Fund.

Lots of people want to know about the minimum deposit with the JFD Broker if they have a live account. Well, the minimum deposit can either be five hundred EUR, five hundred CHF, five hundred GBP or five hundred USD. The variation takes place on the basis of the currency for which your account is specified. EUR is for euro, CHF is for Swiss francs, GBP is for Pound Sterling, and USD is of course for US dollar. It must be noted that the equivalent for five hundred GBP in US dollar to have the ability to utilize your live account.

Another question about JFD Broker arises that whether it offers different accounts in variance for the different volumes of investment or not. Well, the answer is No. There is just one market and a single spread. Each of the traders is to be given the same access to the market. It is believed by the JDP Broker about this option that it is the most transparent and each of the traders deserves an in fact has the right to get access to the best market possible. The high volumes of the trading of the traders have the capability for getting rebates on the commission that can be paid. There is a possibility for the rebates to be granted from a specific volume of amount per month.

The scalping as well as automated trading is also permitted by the JFD Brokers. They can have the usage with any of the styles of trading and any of the expert advisors who has an affiliation with the system of automated trading. The JFD Broker is not supposed to have a desk for dealing and they do not hold the trader’s counter position.

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