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The partners of Global Prime are such that they offer their clients a complete service for the business of Prime Brokerage. The customers are given a full assistance and support to run their own business with the help of the complete cycle of life starting from the execution to the management of risk along with financing, the lending of securities, technology, reporting, the services for the clients and lots of other valuable services.

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The clients of Global Prime Brokerage are presented with a great alternative to the different traditional brokers. The hedge funds and the asset managers are also the partners of the company; their partnership has been known since the earlier times when these two firms were started and throughout the stages of their growth. There are lots of options provided to the clients and they are tailored for suiting the clients with different sizes as well as strategies; all of them are supposed to be integrated in the platform of technology of the company that is based of web. There are many ways in which the company supports its customers; some of them have been mentioned below.

The services are provided to the clients by the company by using an account of omnibus; however, all of the assets are to be held by the custodians. In an alternative way, segregation can also be offered in case of the unencumbered assets. The clients can also be offered the product offering to a greater extent of competition with the help of scale economics.

Now here comes the part of the management of risks and the financing. The margin financing is facilitated by the company on different positions across the classes of assets; they are actually executed on the platform of the company itself but they are cleared by the partners of Global Prime. The financing is provided on the basis of the entire portfolio and not on the basis of security. In case of security lending, the clients of the company are given an access to the larger security pools via the innovative and modern set up of the company. The clients are given an option for contacting the dedicated desk of trading directly for providing the market color, for locating a specific position or whatever.

The services provided by the company to the clients called the customer services are just outstanding and the company has a very dedicated team for providing these services to the clients. The team is found in different places like Cape Town, London and Hong Kong; all of them handle the relationships of different clients. They work very closely with them regularly and help the, with their everyday requirements, provide them bespoke, quite proactive and great services. The main aim of the company is to satisfy its clients and it is the first and foremost preference of the company. Most of the customers have very good remarks about the company and they really appreciate the efforts of the company.

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