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T-NewsTimerT-NewsTimer is a Utility type MetaTrader 4 indicator. Created for Forex traders T-NewsTimer aims to eliminate the redundancy of using economic news calendars.

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This indicator is a simple timer in the corner of your MetaTrader 4 chart that scans the currency pair that you are watching and shows the remaining time until the next economic announcement relevant to said currency pair. This indicator will make sure that you never miss an economic announcement again. T-NewsTimer is very customizable both visually and functionally. And one of the most important features that you can turn on is the “Alert before announcement” feature which will notify you (by audio and a visual popup) every X minutes before the announcement comes out. This way you have time to act before something unexpected can happen. T-NewsTimer is both very minimalistic as well as very informative. The aim of such design was to avoid polluting your chart but to provide all the information at a glance.

At idle state the indicator is nothing more than a color-coded timer ticking down, but once you need more information on what is about to happen in the news you can simply hover over the timer and you will get an informative popup appear that has all you need. See the “How it looks section” to get a better understanding of what the T-NewsTimer really is. It does not matter what kind of a trader you are of what kind of a trading plan you have – the point is that every trader must be aware of what is happening in the news at all times to reduce the risks as much as possible. Tracking economic calendars requires a lot of discipline and is wasteful of your time and effort. With T-NewsTimer you will never have to open another economic calendar again. It will save you time, it will help you stay aware, it will eliminate one more component from your trading that you need to worry about. Get T-NewsTimer now and never regret!

A single mistake in the market can cost you more than T-NewsTimer will. Get the Windows installer now and never miss an economic announcement again.

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