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Pips Explosion PredictorAre you willing to get rid of your worries about money by following simple instructions to set those trades daily with your eyes closed?

From: Derek Johnson (on behalf of Markus James and Josh Ianicci) Re: Pips Explosion Predictor Forex Alert Service

You’re about to discover just how you can turn $100 into a fortune using the alert from an elite trade-picking team of traders with 92% of accuracy.

Since December last year, this "dream team" has projected the future surges or plunges of 5 major currency pairs and generated gains of 42%, 75%, 100%, 122% in as little as 3 months.

With that type of accuracy, it won’t take you long to turn $100 into $5,000… $500 into $21,000… or even $1,000 into $42,000… over and over again… on a regular basis.

And, in a moment, you’re going to discover how you can benefit from their skills without any risk at all.

All you have to do is follow simple instructions delivered on a private website or your email and place your trades, because:

If you actually knew which way the forex market was headed, can you imagine how much money you could make?

Likewise, no one can tell you with 100% confidence whether a currency pair will rise or fall.

But the way these guys do it, with a well-researched, unique methodology that projects the future prices of currency pairs, a day (or a week) ahead of time… so far 92% accurate.

Even with the compelling evidence below staring you in the face, the possibility of solving all your money worries so easily does sound ‘too good to be true’.

Here’s a trade alert they delivered on Monday, June 2, 2014 on these currency pairs for the few beta testers we had:

Depending on how much money you stake, a 100 pip move of a particular currency pair like the GBP/USD or EUR/USD as predicted by us, forex geeks, can put $100… or even $1,000… into your account in just one day.

You could place trades on each of them and still make out as a bandit with 100 pips for the day.

$100 day puts $2,000 in your bank account for the month… $1,000 a day puts $20,000 into your account…

Hi. My name is Derek Johnson and forex trading has been my passion—no… Read more…

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