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Pip-Bandit - Operation Emancipation OccupationForex Signals Service Takes Absolute Beginner From Losing Dollars In The Forex Market To Earning About $1600 Each & Every Week… …With Only $100 In His Trader Account!

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Heck, we have subscribers who had only lost money in the markets and yet started to make $1000 every week … and that too because they were afraid and were playing way too small. But that was just a tiny percentage of our subscribers.

By the 3rd month – They started to get a feel of how to read charts and sometimes they are able to predict what we are going to recommend just by reading the charts. It’s just a matter of practice, when you keep seeing again and again how we are able to make the recommendations, it somehow starts to seep into them and they are learning subconsciously. But please, don’t just take my word for it. Each and every day, we upload a video of our advice and the profits of the person who bought on that advice.

(And to be very frank, I don’t guarantee 100% of my recommendations will work. Nobody can!) What’s important is that if you followed my recommendations that day, then you’d have made about $1200 with the 4 winning trades and lost $200 with the one losing trade.

And if you follow my advice and risk management strategies, then you’d have been able to make that $1000… even if you have a lousy $100 in your account. Yes, that is including the losses you made that day. Now, like I said above So, let’s say you invested $2500 and got back $3500. That’s a profit of about 48%! So, let me ask you a question

Would you be willing to invest in my recommendations if you got close to 50% profits each and every day?

You can go ahead and take a look at the videos for 17th May, 18th May and so on and you’ll be able to see similar profits every day. Finally… you don’t have to spend months and years paper trading before you can start making money. Truth is… even after a year of paper trading people start to get anxious and start making the wrong decisions as soon as they start trading with real money. It’s not about practice. People get anxious and worried as soon as they start real trading… Read more…

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