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MT4 Tools Box Indicator can draw and remove lines while also being able to set alerts. MT4 Tools Box Indicator can show the following information: crosshair, Account Name, Account Number, Account Currengy, ccount Equity, Account Leverage, Account Company, Account Server, Symbol, The last incoming tick time, Spread value(points), Day Range(points), Point/Tick size in the quote currency, Point/Tick value in the deposit currency per Lot, Swap of a buy order per Lot, Swap of a sell arder per Lot, Trade allowed for the symbol, Maximum permitted Lot size for all orders, Minimum permitted Lot size of one order, Step for change in Lot size, Free margin required to open one Lot. Settings: Press (C) to Copy an Obiect, Press (X) to Delete an Object, Press (A) to Set Alert, Press (T) to Draw a Trend Line, Press (M) to Draw Magnetic Lines, Press (F) to Draw Fibonacci Lines, Press (N) to Toggle Snap. On: Threshold, Press (V) to Toggle object Visualzation. Visualization: <=H4, Press (L) to Load Lines, Press (S) to Save all Lines, Press (D) to Delete all Lines, Press (U) to Undo Delete, Pres (ESC) to Reset/Deactivate/Activate, Press (I) to Cycle/Disable Contments, Press (Q) to Quit. etc. Download MT4 Tools Box Indicator

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MT4 Tools Box Indicator
MT4 Tools Box Indicator

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