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FXOpen is forex trading website where you can do sell and purchase of currency, commodities, oils and share and bond. However, it is very famous website around the world and millions of people are using this platform for making good money. Through this website, you can easily withdraw money or can deposit as well. They have provided quality services to the customer and you cannot find on other forex website. Before starting business on FXOpen forex trading website, you can make the demo account for learning their platform.

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Each of the website keep different platform and outlook. Therefore, it is better to make demo account first to learn functions and features. Once you become proficient then you can easily make professional account and start your business FXOpen forex trading website. You can also get the bonuses when you make account on FXOpen website.

The first bonus you get when you make an STP account on this website. They provide you $10 bonus which is added intoyour account. However, through the bonus amount, you can start doing trading, but you cannot withdraw the bonus amount. However, the earning through the bonus amount you can withdraw. Basically, the amount given to people for starting the business on this website and earn more profit through the starting amount.

The second bonus you get when you deposit any amount into your account. For each of the deposit you get $1. If you have a macro trading account then you can deposit the amount in it and get $1 on each of the deposit. However, you can only withdraw the amount, if you the total volume of closed trades reaches 1000 marcolots.

You can find many other tools as well that helps you while doing forex trading online. It is an international platform where people invest money throughout the world. Therefore, you must follow the rules and regulation of the website otherwise, your account can be closed by the website management. They are offering 5 types of account which you can make on this website. ECN, Crypto, STP, Mirco, and demo. Through these accounts, you can start your business, whatever is perfect for you and make money. You can use meta trade 4, mobile trading, trader’s tools, and web trader platform for doing forex trading online. They have made these platforms for a better user experience.

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