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FX Arcanum – The wisdom of the crowd - FX Arcanum– Dynamic levels that continuously show the investors’ places of interest. – Suitable for every style of trade: Scalp, DT, swing trading – Built-in alerts. – 100% Non Repaint – Highly effective signals

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Human behavior can be very intricate and complicated. Our mind can simultaneously process and analyze vast amounts of information which is then translated into specific actions. Our behavior can also be extremely diverse, sometimes very predictable and other times – completely unexpected. The human mind remains an unexplored enigma we still do not fully understand.

Why do I write about it here? Because, as in the case of every other area of life, the human psyche impacts the behavior of exchange rates. Strategic plans and analyses, fear, greed, the desire to fulfill one’s dreams are the reason that sets the currencies in motion. Someone once said that a price on the chart is not aware of our existence or important levels, does not know what the current time (session) is, but investors do and it is their behavior that ultimately impacts what we see on the chart. A single human mind can be completely unpredictable, driven by various expectations and emotions, but a group of investors that influences the price direction can be predicted with high probability. This is known as the wisdom of the crowd.

FXArcanum is a unique system which puts a strong emphasis on analyzing the behavior of the market and traders. Its main task is to study the behavior of traders and then show on a chart, an optimal place to enter the market and further follow the price. For the first time on the Forex, we utilize dynamic levels which change with the interest among investors. The system also uses an algorithm which show you the current market phase and entrance based on the market behavior.

Truth be told, the description of this method got me very interested, because at first sight the system appears to be very different from the ones I’ve been using so far. Most of all, it looks very simple to operate, and the signals themselves don’t require complicated analyses, which convinced me to make the purchase! I have little time to spend in front of a monitor during the day, and this method brings analysis to a minimum. I recommend it!

I don’t know what principle these algorithms operate on but their effectiveness is astounding! The system does… Read more…

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