Trading Analyses Fibonacci dans le Forex

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Fibonacci trading forex est la base de nombreux systèmes de trading forex utilisés par un grand nombre de courtiers forex professionnels dans le monde entier, et plusieurs milliards de dollars sont rentables négociés chaque année en fonction de ces techniques de négociation.

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Fibonacci était un mathématicien italien et il est surtout connu par son célèbre séquence de Fibonacci, la définition de cette séquence est qu'il est formé par une série de nombres dans laquelle chaque nombre est la somme des deux nombres précédents; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 …Mais dans le cas du trading de devises ce qui est plus important pour le trader forex est les ratios de Fibonacci dérivés de cette séquence de nombres, c'est à dire. .236, .50, .382, .618, etc.

These ratios are mathematical proportions prevalent in many places and structures in nature, as well as in many man made creations.

Forex trading can greatly benefit from this mathematical proportions due to the fact that the oscillations observed in forex charts, where prices are visibly changing in an oscillatory pattern, follow Fibonacci ratios very closely as indicators of resistance and support levels; maybe not to the last cent, but so close as to be really amazing.

Fibonacci price points, or levels, for any forex currency pair can be calculated in advance so that the trader will know when to enter or exit the market if the prediction given by the Fibonacci forex day trading system he uses fulfills its predictions.

Many people tries to make this analysis overly complicated scaring away many new forex traders that are just beginning to understand how the forex market works and how to make a profit in it. But this is not how it has to be. I can’t say it’s a simple concept but it is quite understandable for any trader once he or she has grasped the basics and has had some practice trading using Fibonacci levels along with other secondary indicators that will help to improve the accuracy of the entry and exit point for every particular trade.

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