Everything Your Need to About Forex Candlestick Charts

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Everything Your Need to About Forex Candlestick Charts

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Forex Candlestick charts are typically used globally by all sorts of Forex investors. The charts can be preferred by investors since they’re quite simple to understand. Hence, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to easily use them.


Definition: Forex Candlestick Charts

Forex candlestick charts are the patterns which help you in predicting the future activities of the currency rates that is vital in order to make wise moves in forex trading.

Candlestick Chart: Understanding its Various Parts


You can encounter a green or red body in a candle stick chart. A green body indicates a bullish move or upward trend whereas a red body indicates a bearish movement or a downward trend. The body shape could either be either short or long.

A red, long body shows the vendor is in good control of the marketplace & that the value is moving down. A green, long body on contrary shows that the purchaser is in good control & that the value is moving up.

In the event the chart indicates a short body, then the market may be unstable. As the body gets shorter and shorter, it becomes tougher and tougher to be able to predict the market trend.

If the chart doesn’t have a body, it’s called as Doji. This is where the trend becomes neutral. Meaning, neither the sellers or the buyer is in control of the market.

Additional parts of forex candlestick charts comprise:

Lower shadow

It is at the bottommost of the chart & indicates the lowest value.

Upper shadow

It is at the topmost of the chart & indicates the greatest value.

Why You Need to Use Forex Candlestick Charts for Trading?

Early indications

This charts can send the investor reversal signals within just a couple of sessions that lets him/her to enter/exit the market place at a right moment.

Additional details

Along with showing the trader the current trends in the Forex market, these charts can offer them some additional details as well. For instance, if the currency value goes down, the candle stick chart will show the trader the downward inclination as well as the force which has resulted in the move.

Perfect for all kinds of markets

Even though the chart is broadly used in Forex trade, you could also use it in some additional markets such as commodity market, stock market, etc.

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