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Elliott Wave Theory Truth

Elliott came to the stunning conclusion that all natural phenomena are cyclical – and this includes the financial markets. This is true, but we know that anyway – we know that at some time in our lives, we will feel rain when we venture outside, the question is when exactly?

Technical and Fundamental Analysis For Forex Trading

The fundamental analyst looks at all these factors and balances them against each other to determine whether a nation’s currency will appreciate or depreciate. Of course, as the Forex market trades the currency of one nation against that of another, the fundamental analyst cannot simply study the economic picture of one country; she must study both of them, and then compare them to determine which paints a more compelling financial picture.

The Fibonnaci Ellipse And Its Application

When considering and identifying price motives, the best tool is Fibonacci Ellipse. The Ellipse primarily works around price patterns by circumventing them. The shape of the ellipse fluctuates and changes with the change in price patterns. One can find different types of ellipses ranging from steep to flat, short to long etc. Market prices generally […]

What is a Fibonacci Channel?

Human behavior isn’t just reflected in charts patterns as trend formations, small swings, big swings. Human behavior can also be conveyed in peak valley formation. Fibonacci channel utilizes these formations present in the marketplace & result in verdicts on how to correctly forecast significant changes in trend-directions. The secret to Fibonacci channel is identifying the […]

Understanding Fibonacci Extension and Retracement

The easiest way to obtain Fibonacci sequence is by adding the final 2 numbers to get the next digit. The initial 2 numbers are 0,1. You simply add the previous 2 numbers for obtaining the next figure. Whenever there’s a trend, the price action is slowly going lower or higher. If there’s an uptrend, then […]

How To Trade Trends Using Fibonacci?

Investors are continuously confounded by the puzzle as to when should they enter position in a trending market place. If you enter too early, then you might run the risk of the stop getting hit prior to the trend continues its moment as you wish. On the other hand, in case you enter too late, […]

What Is The Forex Engulfing Pattern?

It is also called candlestick pattern. Once you become able to identifying the engulfing pattern, then it becomes easier to understand the market price action trend. It is very essential to get grow early and make your good name in the market. Even, you will not face losses in the business often because of learning the forex engulfing pattern.

The Trend Of Forex Falling Wedge

Rising wedge when experienced in a rising business sector shows that the upward development is losing steam and the business sector will probably turn around. In a downtrend market, rising wedge is viewed as bearish example, demonstrating revision and downtrend continuation.

Forex Falling Three Methods

The Falling Three Methods design happens in a bear business sector, where, amid a downtrend the business sector rests before continuing the pattern. The bearish patterns break is reflected by little candles that all adhere to a strict business sector range shaped by the forceful proceed onward the very first moment.