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Candle Length Histogram Indicator shows the length between high and low(open and close) of the bars in pips.
— TRUE: plots distance between candle open and close
— FALSE: plots distance between candle high and low
— Set AlertCandle = 1 if you want the alert to trigger when the current candle completes, and also meets the alert criteria, and a new candle starts to form.
— Set AlertCandle = 0 if you want the alert to trigger immediately the current candle meets the alert criteria. (The alert should trigger only once even if the candle meets the criteria repeatedly while it is forming.)
— If ChartAlert = true, the standard MT4 alert will sound/display.
— If EmailSubject is non-blank, then an e-mail will be sent provided that the e-mail facilities in MT4 have been configured correctly

Download Candle Length Histogram Indicator:

Candle Length Histogram Indicator
Candle Length Histogram Indicator

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