World-Class Investment & Trading Forum"Bill is not your average dividend stock picker for sure. Han 채r f철rmodligen den b채sta i biz. He doesn’t just pick a "high yielder" och sitta p책 den. Bill 채r kr채sen om den underliggande f철retaget och det pris till vilket han g책r. Jag har aldrig sett n책gon g철ra det p책 det s채tt som Bill g철r. Det 채r grymt" (Sean Hyman, Forex Instructor, Professional Money Manager)

Under det senaste 책ret har jag, Bill Spetrino, har konsult genom flera s채tt f철r att ge professionell v채gledning om enskilda aktier och 철vergripande strategier p책 aktiemarknaden. Min Utdelning Machine Nyhetsbrev har f철r n채rvarande 19 ut ur 19 vinnande positioner som ledde till funktionen artiklar i oktober Financial Intelligence Rapport fr책n b채st s채ljande journalist och Newsmax VD, Christopher Ruddy, liksom novembernumret av Newsmax Magazine med Sarah Palin p책 omslaget. Newsmax tidningen 채r en opartisk k채lla till nyheter.

Many have asked me why I don’t charge $2,500 till $5,000 for the annual subscription like other newsletter authors or investment groups do, and my response is simple: "I want to deliver a high quality service to those who are managing their own investments at a minimum cost possible"

Do you really think you can hire someone for that little money, let alone a worldwide group? Of course not

Many of our members have already achieved or are well on their way to financial independence. They each consider the B.I.O. Forum a valuable tool in their investing and trading war chest. Here are what a few members have to say about what the "B.I.O. Forum for Investors" means to them:

"Great group of people that have a lot of experience. Good discussions." – WS of Illinois, usa

"As a recent subscriber to the B.I.O. Forum I received my first star as a NEWBIE member a few days ago. I know this is a new beginning for me and am excited to be here. Bill and his "Band of Merry Men & Women" are loaded with investing/trading experience and are willing to share their expertise with everyone. From portfolio creation/maintenance, to trade ideas, to market overview they cover all in complete and honest manner. I am still growing my wings here and am confident that this is the place to be. Asked "What do you like best about B.I.O. Forum?" I confidently sayEVERYTHING" – KK of Pennsylvania, usa

"The advantageL채s mer…

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