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艢wiatowej klasy Investment & Forum Trading"Bill is not your average dividend stock picker for sure. On jest chyba najlepszy w biz. He doesn’t just pick a "high yielder" i usi膮艣膰 na nim. Bill jest wybredna o firmie bazowego a cen膮, po kt贸rej wchodzi. Nigdy nie widzia艂em kogo艣 zrobi膰, 偶e spos贸b, 偶e Bill ma. To jest zajebiste" (Sean Hyman, Instruktor Forex, Profesjonalne Money Manager)

W ubieg艂ym roku mia艂em, Bill Spetrino, konsultowali艣my przez wielu 艣rodk贸w, aby zapewni膰 profesjonaln膮 wytyczne dotycz膮ce poszczeg贸lnych zasob贸w oraz og贸lnych strategii gie艂dowych. Moja Dywidenda Maszyna ma obecnie Newsletter 19 poza 19 wygranej pozycji, kt贸re doprowadzi艂y do 鈥嬧媐unkcji artyku艂y w raporcie pa藕dziernika Financial Intelligence autorem najlepiej sprzedaj膮cych si臋 dziennikarz i CEO NewsMax, Christopher Ruddy, a tak偶e listopadowym numerze NewsMax Magazine z Sarah Palin na ok艂adce. magazyn NewsMax jest bezstronnym 藕r贸d艂em wiadomo艣ci.

Many have asked me why I don’t charge $2,500 do $5,000 for the annual subscription like other newsletter authors or investment groups do, and my response is simple: "I want to deliver a high quality service to those who are managing their own investments at a minimum cost possible"

Do you really think you can hire someone for that little money, let alone a worldwide group? Of course not

Many of our members have already achieved or are well on their way to financial independence. They each consider the B.I.O. Forum a valuable tool in their investing and trading war chest. Here are what a few members have to say about what the "B.I.O. Forum for Investors" means to them:

"Great group of people that have a lot of experience. Good discussions." – WS of Illinois, USA

"As a recent subscriber to the B.I.O. Forum I received my first star as a NEWBIE member a few days ago. I know this is a new beginning for me and am excited to be here. Bill and his "Band of Merry Men & Women" are loaded with investing/trading experience and are willing to share their expertise with everyone. From portfolio creation/maintenance, to trade ideas, to market overview they cover all in complete and honest manner. I am still growing my wings here and am confident that this is the place to be. Asked "What do you like best about B.I.O. Forum?" I confidently sayEVERYTHING" – KK of Pennsylvania, USA

"The advantageCzytaj wi臋cej…

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