如果你有兴趣在赚取收入的外汇交易商, 你必须做的第一件事就是用外汇经纪公司签约. 有很多人在那里, 尤其是网络, 所以,你应该仔细选择一个前先考虑您的选择. 你会发现有各类外汇经纪公司, 包括小券商, 做市商, 和市场运营.

有兴趣成为一个外汇交易者大多数人会选择一个小经纪人. 这些类型的公司允许个人投资几百元. 很多人通常会在交易这种方式,因为损失的风险,只有尽可能多的投资资金. 由于大多数交易商通常没有足够的投资 $50,000 或者更多, 要通过一个小经纪人是一个不错的选择.

Market Makers
然后, there are market makers who are constant buyers and sellers of the FOREX market. When an investor buys a currency and decides to sell it a second later, market makers stand by and buy the currency, even when there is no buyer interested in that currency at the moment. You can look at market markers as the go-between, buying and selling currency when they become available.

Some market markers work with small brokers. Because small brokers have various individual investors, there is always someone looking to buy as well as those looking to sell. When an investor is ready to sell, the small broker collects and assigns the currencies to a market maker. 通过这种方式, market makers are literally creating a market by acting as a central dealer.

Large Banks
For investors with millions of dollars in capital, they go through market operators. This type of brokerage firm like dukascopy is usually run by large banks that follow a set of rules and regulations. These brokers are reliable in minimizing risks, but this market is relatively small because there are not many individuals with millions to invest.

As mentioned previously, most individuals go through a small broker. These days, there are no shortages of small brokers with the presence of the internet. With a simple search, you will be able to find all types of small brokers, each wanting a different minimum investment. They make the process more convenient by offering an online trading platform that can be accessed day or night through your home computer.

Through this valuable trading platform, you can buy and sell currencies as you please, and set up stop loss points to minimize losses. Because everything is automated, you can watch the numbers all-day if you please. But most people have other ties throughout the day, so the trading software has options where you can set up to sell when a certain amount of pips have been reached. You can set both the upper and lower limits.

有了这个自由流动的投资在哪里可以买到或在点击按钮卖出货币, 外汇是普及迅速获得. 正如任何投资活动, you should properly educate yourself by learning to invest wisely, analyze the market, and predict currency changes.



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