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If you are looking to break into Forex trading for the first time then you will want something that is relatively low risk, not only to help you increase the amount of money that you have coming in to be used on more profitable ventures, but to also get a feel on how this type of trading works. There is one type of trade that fits both of these ‘requirements’, and it is recommended time and time again, this is Forex divergence trading. So what is it all about?

The goal of this type of trading is to buy near the bottom a trend, and sell near the top. You will of course have to watch the markets closely to see what the trends are, and that is what divergence trading is all about. You will need to study a number of charts to see whether there is a chance that divergence is occurring, if so then it I time to start trading, if it isn’t then just sit back for a while. It should be remembered, this isn’t a full proof method and there could be a number of ‘false signals’, however it is fairly risk free, and with a bit of practice you will know when to act and when to sit back.

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You will find the history in the experts tab or the mql4/logs folder.
It has to be attached to H1 charts of the wanted symbols.
– Spread average : average spread in pips of the symbol during the hour.
– Time average : average time in seconds between two ticks during the hour.
– Freeze : total number of seconds during the hour when the time between two ticks is more than 4 seconds.
– Ticks : total number of ticks during the hour.
You collect the data during one day, or several day during one week and then you will be able to compare brokers price feed.

Download Price Evaluator Indicator:
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Drag Drop Price Levels Indicator breaks the top (100%) and bottom (0%) into 8 different fib levels or price levels.

Download Drag Drop Price Levels Indicator:
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Download Price Channel Indicator:
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Price Above Below Audio Alert Indicator plays an audio alert when current price reaches the price level set.

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Currency Pairs Bid Ask Price Indicator displays bid and ask price up to 5 different currency pairs in the MetaTrader chart.

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Forex Price Bid Ratio indicator is ATR and bid price ration indicator. The top line is the ART, the day’s range and spread. The others are the percent strength of M15, H1, H4, D1, W1 and monthely.

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