Ferramentas seguras para negociaçãosistema GetPips é uma ferramenta especial para a gestão comercial. Não é um robô auto negociação, não é um indicador para negociação. É um conjunto de ferramenta útil para assegurar e automatizar algumas das suas tarefas comerciais rotineiras.

We would like to show "must have" embalar para todos os comerciantes a tempo parcial – GetPips. Tem 2 ferramentas úteis dentro, CTON – Fechar negoceiam em dispositivo Notícias e TrailngBot – que define Stop Loss e Take lucro para ofícios manuais. tb, Traderbot permite Trailing Stop Loss e mover Stop Loss para breakeven. Vamos nos concentrar em cada ferramenta.

It’s easy to control your trades if you stay next to computer all day long, but quite hard to come in time for part time traders. Anyway, we found solution and offer useful toolCloseTradesOnNews.

This tool can remind you about NEWS by alert/push notification. You can chose any actionalert/push or close all/profit trade any minutes before news.

#2 Check your GMT OFFSET: set it manually or allow auto time settings. Anyway, please check it.

#5 Make it more personal: chose kind of orders to close (all orders or just profit ones), chose which orders to close (manual orders, EAs orders or both), chose time (change time for alert before news come), chose pair/or all pairs (allow it to manage all orders or just on certain pair).

Trailingbot is very useful device that allow to trader be fast. This is "must have" tool for manual trading. Once you place an orderit gets Stop Loss and Take Profit levels that you set in the inputs settings. No need to count it anymorejust put Stop Loss and Take Profit you wantand enjoy your trading.

It’s very important to set it fastIf you do it manually, you lose time and sometimes money. For example, if you place an order while news timemarket can move for hundreds Pips in few secondYou won’t be able to set it that fast. This can bring huge losses in the end. By using TrailingBotyou set Stop Loss and Take Profit as fast as possible. It makes it automatically.

Few more opportunities in simple deviceTrailing Stop Loss and BreakEven. These options allow you to be even safer. Trailing Stop Loss allow you to move Stop Loss as soon as you reach some profit, but still far away from the Take ProfitLeia mais…

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