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Ranging Bull - New approach of Viewing MarketsMillions of available settings and set ups are waiting for amateur and experienced traders. Drop us an email and be one of the first users who get access to the robot for FREE!

Ranging Bull is a multipurpose system that combines a rediscovered and enhanced charting methodology and a fully automated trading strategy. With this two elements profits are higher, losses are smaller and the trading work is simpler.

One of the first trading systems that uses range bar charts for profit generation and loss minimization. Infinite combination of profitable settings is available due to scalable ranges and trading settings.

As a result of a successful live testing and continous optimization of the world famous, self-learning trading algorithm – Wallstreet Forex Robot -we’ve found a well-performing set up on carefuly preselected pairs. Lets take a look at our performance sheet!

Visioner is a whole new approach of viewing Markets. With this new tool you can forget the chaos on the charts. Instead of old-fashioned time-based candlestick charts, take a look at the ranges

Visioner™ enables you to trade without market noise and increase entry and exit accuracy of trade positions.

Conduct your portfolio management through Ranging Bull™ in a fully automated and simple way. Easy to install, easy to use!

Various stop loss systems are included in the software bringing extra options to mitigate risk. Hidden and trailing stops are for your safety!

Trade your own style with the advantage of a whole new market vision. The software works on all instruments in MT4: You are not limited to Forex, the market of Stocks, Indexes and Commodities is the new playground!

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