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Bars Close Pips Indicator can create a histogram that plots the difference between the close of the current bar, and the close of a bar two periods back. It can update tick by tick and has an alert that will fire when the value is greater or lesser than the previous two values.

Download Bars Close Pips Indicator:
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Future Vertical Lines Indicator plots vertical lines at future days’ open time team task management.

Download Future Vertical Lines Indicator:
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Ticks Separate Volume Indicator will show separate buyers & sellers volume.

Download Ticks Separate Volume Indicator:
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Close All Trades EA will automatically close all trades when total profit reaches preset pips?
Parameters: Target pips, stoploss pips, pips trailing, trailing start, trailing pips.

Download Close All Trades EA:
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MTF Candles Direction Indicator can show different colors for multi timeframe bull/bear candles.

Download MTF Candles Direction Indicator:
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Trades Buy Sell Arrows Indicator will put the green/red buy/sell arrows on the bar for all close or open trades.

Download Trades Buy Sell Arrows Indicator:
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Consecutive Higher Lower Indicator shows arrows when three or more consecutive bars’ each close is higher than the previous high.

Download Consecutive Higher Lower Indicator:
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Trend Magic With Email Indicator combines CCI and ATR values to help traders to find the trading trend.

Download Trend Magic With Email Indicator:
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Trendy Multi TF Indicator takes the buy/sell (long/short) values of 20 indicators and makes a % of how many indicators say buy/long and how many say sell/short.

3 MAs: 5,10,20 with smoothed (SMMA) all 3 based on the close price. If its greater than the last, long, less than the last, sell.

ADX: Period 14 and price is close. +>- long, -<+ short.

Bollinger: Period 14, Deviation 2, Shift 0, price close. Checks to see if the bands are expanding

CCI: 14, Price close >0 long, <0 short

Parabolic SAR: Step 0.02, 0.2 if it draws above high, long, if it draws below low, short.

2 MACDs: 12 and 26, Signal 9 and price close on both. Line>signal, long. Line<signal, short.

2 Stoch 5,3,3 and 14,3,3, price on both close. Main>signal, long. Main<signal, short.

RSI period 14. >50, long, <50 short.

Force period 14. >0 long, <0 short.

Momentum period 14. >100 long, <100 short.

Demarker period 14, current>last, long. Current<last, short.

RVI Period 10. Main>signal, long. Main<signal, short.

William % Range . >-20 long, <-80 short.

Accelerator/Decelerator. Take last 4 values (ac1, ac2, ac3, ac4) going from right to left on the chart:
if (ac1>ac2 && ac2>ac3 && ac1>0 && ac2>0 && ac3>0) long
if (ac1<ac2 && ac2<ac3 && ac1>0 && ac2>0 && ac3>0) short
if (ac1>ac2 && ac2>ac3 && ac3>ac4 && ac1<0 && ac2<0 && ac3<0 && ac4<0) long
if (ac1<ac2 && ac2<ac3 && ac3<ac4 && ac1<0 && ac2<0 && ac3<0 && ac4<0) short

Wattah Attar Explosion: if up>last up or down < last down, long. If up<last up and down>last down, short.

Download Trendy Multi TF Indicator:
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