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There are a variety of factors that may affect the trading of currency. These variables include commerce reports, unemployment, GPD, manufacturing, international trade etc. Decline or the increase in these variables influences the money worth of a nation.

Forex currency trading is a global market that is constant, supplying a 24-hour marketplace that is easily accessible to all players. So weekend is the closing span, since its open just 5 days per week. Although currency trading is the most fluid of marketplaces, because it’s a global market and trading 24-hours per day, the hour of day may have an immediate effect on the liquidity for trading special money available. Time zones and the important centers are those of New York, London and Tokyo.

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There are over 1 million people that have already joined the world of trading. If you too are looking for a way to invest your money, while at the same time receive quicker profits than trading Forex might just be the perfect opportunity for you. Before you can start to see any profits you need to fully understand how the Forex Market works.

Investing Strategies

In order for you to have a better understanding about the Forex Market you will have to compare the investing strategy to trading stock. When it comes to the stock market you can purchase stocks from various corporations and expect stocks to rise in order for you to receive a profit.

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Trades Status Indicator will show the number of buy and sell orders currently open for the pair and the total profit or loss.

Download Trades Status Indicator:
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Trades Condition Dashboard Indicator will show active trades for current pair. It will show the info like order number, pair symbol, B/E, order type, equity etc.

Download Trades Condition Dashboard Indicator:
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Rolling Candle Indicator will display a rolling candle that will prints a new candle for past X bars every time a new bar is printed.

Download Rolling Candle Indicator:
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Remove Takeprofit Stoploss Script can remove all open or pending orders’ take profit price and stop loss price at once.

Download Remove Takeprofit Stoploss Script:
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Outside Inside Pattern Indicator will show outsite bar patterns and inside bar patterns on the chart.

Download Outside Inside Pattern Indicator:
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Open Close Price Difference Indicator is a histogram indicator which plots a bar when the new candle opens higher than the previous candles close and vis versa.

Download Open Close Price Difference Indicator:
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Multi MTF MAs Indicator can set up to 8 different moving average for different timeframes or period settings.

Download Multi MTF MAs Indicator:
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Multi Colors Chart Lines Indicator will draw up to 10 different colors horizontal lines that can be hided or shown with buttons on the chart.

Download Multi Colors Chart Lines Indicator:
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