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To begin with, we need to discuss some of the main principles involved in the foreign currency trading system. Apart from the fact that it is considered the most important financial market in the world, it also includes the largest number of participants and investors. Due to this important number of traders and investors and the big day-to-day turnover, this industry requires a properly created system that can keep things going as smooth as possible. Whenever we are talking about the need of an automated system for the forex trading market, we have to keep in mind the following aspects:

When we analyze the forex trading system, we will notice that one of the main branches involved in this industry consist of banks. Simply by investing and trading important sums of money in the foreign currency market each and every day, we can say that banks service the day-to-day monetary circulation. Moreover, they are service an important part of speculative trading.

The next branch on a scale of importance consists of commercial firms. Even though the investments of commercial firms are a little bit smaller compared to the bank trades, they include the proper potential to be included in this list. The impact that such companies have on the forex market is noticeable, even though their trades are more short term compared to the banks.

The central banks are next on the list. Even though not many people recognize the importance of such institutions in the forex trading market, you should know that they influence the currency values, interest rates and the market inflations. Moreover, through the foreign currency exchange reserves, the central banks also have an impact on the stability of the forex market.

Considering the fact that the some transactions in the forex market are mediated by the investment management firms, we can say place them next on our list. They mediate the transactions through the currency system, primarily in foreign securities.

A considerable part of the forex trading system is managed by the last players on our list, namely the retail forex brokers. The transactions performed by a single retail forex broker can reach up to 50 billion dollars per day, when we discuss the retail volume. This is really a significant part of the currency trading market, even though it represents only 2% of the total amount.

Another important category that we have to mention in this listing would be the speculators, who make profits by buying foreign currencies and taking advantage of the fluctuations experienced by the currency market. Each and every day, approximately 2 x trillion dollars worth of transactions are performed in the foreign currency trading market, and we have listed only 6 important players that are active in this industry. Now we know why it is so important for this complex industry to function based on an automated system.

The speculators are the ones who rip the most benefits out of the automated forex system. Their main interest would be the fluctuations experienced by the market. However, they need real time information related to the values of specific transactions in order to pick a particular trade to invest in.

The automated process was adopted by numerous financial systems, since the old manual systems have become outdated. There are no major costs involved in some of the automated systems, and they still deliver reliable results. In case you open a forex account online or through a broker, you may receive a particular automated system. Even though such systems are really simple, you need to know that you can upgrade them by paying an extra fee. Since we know the benefits of an automated systems, let`s see what are the two types of automated systems available.

Considering the fact that various traders do not really regard the first system, we can say that it is not that reliable. This system is created especially for the desktops, since it will store all your important forex information on your desktop`s hard drive. There are various threats that might reach your private information, such as viruses or malware programs, so the safety level of this system is not that great. Moreover, the information can be lost in case your computer gets broken at a particular point in time. In case you want to go with this system, you should make sure that you always have a back up of your data. This system is also much cheaper!

A more efficient and safe system that you could use would be the second system, which is practically web based. Considering the fact that this system works via the internet, you will not need to install any software in your computer. All the information of your account would be stored on a secured served. In case your information gets lots, you should contact your web provider immediately.

To discover the system that will work best for your forex trading strategies, you will need to perform a comprehensive research and explore various demos before you make up your mind.


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