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Frog Expert Advisor @ multiplyFx.comAnyone who involved in forex market, a newbie or an expert, sooner or later will come accross to an idea of making money as an automated effort. No more fear or worry involved as it certainly exhaust your love and energy in this unpredictable market. If you have tried other system and failed, try multiplyFx expert advisors, smartiBot and smartFrog Expert Advisor. Stick to the profit and no more talking, just see the proof backtest and forward results, they will do all the talking for me. In addition to automated trading, as manual trading still believed as the best way to trade the forex market, I have developed an automated trading system for managing trades that open manually, the system called martiBot.

All communication lines are available. Email will be the main media for any inquiries, instant response truly my new way to communicate and reach out to you out there.

Endless updates and new capabilities will be delivered once a month, at least. Programming had always been my passion, added money to it just as like as giving gasoline to a fire. Get ready to get blown away.

Excellent entry in all 10 major pairs in any timeframes with 80%-accurate trend detection will make sure profit on every new opened order. Just have faith, and it will deliver.

smartiBot intended for daily manual trader who needs to lock their profit as in addition to built in function such as trailing stop and stoploss. This EA is the answer for those who had very little time to manage the trades and discipline issues but still eager to conquer the forex world. Download here…

smartFrog this multipair EA will evaluate all 10 major pairs (commercial version) on the same time with one brain. the magnificent EA will analyze all timeframes (M30 to Daily), if all moved on the same direction, then the EA will open trades with a fixed achievable TP. Intended for … Download here… Read more…


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