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Forex Trade Log AnalyzerI won’t beat you over the head with a mile-long sales pitch. I’ll simply remind you of what you already intuitively know and feel.

“Your trade log will prove invaluable to you for analyzing (over time) your decision-making and for spotting mistakes you might be making.”

So, you faithfully keep track of every trade, hoping the log will help you become successful. You’ve made a bunch of trades. On your spreadsheet, you’ve recorded:

Unless you know what your log is trying to tell you, quickly and easily, you’ll soon stop keeping it!

The Forex Trade Log Analyzer is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file, so you already know how to use it. It’s also customizable to your location and trading terminology. Some of the custom info you can supply is:

The Forex Trade Log Analyzer provides a ready-made trade log waiting for you to enter the critical data about each trade needed to help you be successful. In seconds, you just enter the data readily available from your trade platform.

As soon as you enter your closing details … the date and time, the close price, and the amount of your gain or loss … you instantly have the summarized data about your trading activity, from beginning to end.

The trader above appears to be doing well. She has a 66.7% win rate. But, could she do better? Does she feel comfortable with her stats?

The trader above finds his sell trades typically take longer to close than his buy trades. That could tell him something about his strategy.

This trader above finds he is able to improve his stop-loss positions an average of almost 40%. Is he achieving the needed win rate?

The following tables can tell a trader which markets, timeframes, or systems she is most successful with:

The following graph show one trader’s daily profit in pictorial form. Notice that, even though he has more losing days than winning days, his trend (dashed line) is moving up. How would you feel knowing that you are improving overall?

The fact is, unless you can see these answers instantly, you will lose money! You will not improve your trading style as quickly as you should.

Now, imagine that in addition to getting these important answers, you know each and every day how much you need to earn in order to… Read more…


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