Forex Heat Map - Force de change & La faiblesseAprès le lancement de Forex Heat Map sur un tableau, vous pouvez très rapidement évaluer les devises sont les plus achetés et ceux qui ont vendu. L'indicateur est mis à jour en temps réel, de sorte que vous pouvez toujours être sûr que le tableau montre les dernières données pour toutes les devises.

Comme le montre la carte ci-dessus, le marché est intéressé à vendre AUD et JPY d'achat en même temps. Donc, notre commerce devrait avoir lieu sur la paire AUD / JPY.

Forex Heat Map will tell you which currencies to avoid. As we can see on the above image, EUR and USD are neutral, so it’s good to skip trading on these instruments at this time.

You don’t know whether the signal generated by your system is certain? Check if this currency is actually being bought/sold by banks and large traders.

Forex Heat Map will change your trading in the blink of an eye. Statistics prove that over 92% traders have noted an enormous increase in effectiveness when using currency strength and weakness concept.

Our indicator is a completely new tool which will let you analyze the whole market on a single chart!

Many of you have their own way of chart analysis. Your own custom indicators, selected harmonic patterns or the most effective technical analysis elements are the most popular trade methods. It’s not my intention to judge these methods. Whether someone can make money that way is their own business. In my case, I could never achieve effectiveness above 50-55%, similar to a proverbial coin toss. Perhaps I should spent the next few years on this path, looking for better technical patterns on the chart, pay a programmer even more money for a better indicatorsbut is it the right way to go?

My view of the market changed completely after exploring the concept of currency strength. Up until now, I was convinced that each currency pair is a separate entity which lives it’s own life and turns where our indicator points. That is not the case, toutefois, as something else influences the chart of every pair. Every currency pair is a mutual relation of two currency indices. Are you trading on Cable (gbpusd)? It’s good to know if the market is buying the pound or the US dollar at the moment, or something else entirely, the big fish buy the Euro and that’s what you should take interest in. ClosingLire la suite…

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