Forex- first let’s sees what forex is?? It is abbreviated as foreign exchange market and it is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. And also it is one of the largest markets in this world. It helps in currency conversion. Some of the key features of forex are its graphical dispersion, its continuous operation, its huge trading volume representing the greatest assets class and the list goes on. Talking about the history about forex then we have to go back during ancient time. It was started first by Papyri PCZ I who exchanged coinage.

Now let’s talk about forex day trader. Short-term day trading is very interesting and good but at the same time it is very dangerous and you will face a lot of consequences. The first question comes in our mind is how to do forex day trading. In forex market short term trading is often called as “scalp”. Day trading is for those traders who want to take out their money with minimal gain or loss whereas long-term investors keep their money like a fixed deposit in the equity market. It has been shown that this day traders lose their money in comparison of long-term investors. As we all know that the pattern of the forex market is not different from another trading market. If the currency of the concerned country devaluates then the forex traders will have gain or loss. The currencies of the individual country depend on the economic development. Forex day trading consists of all selling, buying and exchanging currencies at current or predetermined prices. The main players or let’s say members of forex market includes big international banks, all kinds of the seller and also financial markets. Since few dealers are from big and great banks, sometimes it is also called as interbank market. To understand forex trading I will give one simple example, this forex trading allows business in the United States to import goods from European Union member’s states and pay Euros, even though its income is in the United States.

A spot transaction is a type of forex trading and it is a two-day delivery transaction. This includes the direct exchange of currencies between two countries which cash instead of contracts which include shortest frame. A forex day trader at least should have a basic knowledge of forex day trade so that in future he or she should not face any losses.

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