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Fat Pitch ETF Trader - Trade A 10 Position ETF Portfolio With A ProFat Pitch ETF TraderYou’re about to learn the inside story behind trading expert Bill West and his incredible “Secret” for producing an astonishing 400% return over the past 15 months.

This “secret” has not only produced profits – ENORMOUS profits — but it has also been remarkably consistent.

So consistent, in fact, that Bill has put together an astonishing 80% win rate in 2009! That’s right out of 25 trades this year, 20 were profitable. (The truth is, even the losers weren’t that bad, averaging only 7% per losing trade, when the winners were averaging over 20%!)

With an average holding period of just over 31 days, you are not in these positions long. By putting your money to work for you month after month, that is how Bill is able to rack up such tremendous gains.

My Name is Carl Adams, and in my ten-plus years in the publishing business, I have never seen an advisory service quite like this one. It’s called Fat Pitch ETF Advisory and its editor, Bill West, has an ability to consistently produce double-digit, short-term profits – IN ANY MARKET – that is truly amazing.

You can follow Bill’s trades and profit from his accurate recommendations…without putting up a penny.

Bill West’s remarkable return is really just the beginning of the story. The truth is Bill has produced returns like this since he started. And not just ordinary returns…most of those winning trades have been DOUBLE-DIGIT Winners.

Investors who followed Bill West back in the beginning of this year with an initial investment of 10,000 – and then followed all of Bill’s trades – would have seen that investment grow to over $18,187. That’s an 81% return in just the first 7 months!

Bill’s track record for producing consistent profits is unlike any I’ve seen before. And what’s even more remarkable is that Bill and his successful group of followers have such remarkable success whether the market is up or down…

Here’s the perfect example of Bill’s consistency: The events of the 2009 financial crisis had a profound negative effect on the stock market. Stocks plummeted, we were on the edge of financial calamity…and many investors lost their fortunes.

But not Bill West. Bill and his subscribers shifted through the rubble and put together a remarkable 12 winning trades in a… Read more…


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