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Forex Technical Analysis Archives

Wedge is unique in relation to the vast majority of the examples, one might say it could either be pattern inversion or pattern continuation design contingent upon the introductory pattern and the sort of wedge. Wedge arrangement could be of two sorts called rising wedge and falling wedge. Rising Wedge in a rising market and falling wedge in a descending drifting or falling business sector is viewed as a pattern inversion design as the compression of the wedge range speaks to that the pattern is losing steam. Though the falling wedge in a rising market and the rising wedge in falling business sector is viewed as a pattern continuation design.


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The forex trading is one of the difficult work because the risk is always kept on your head. Any time the prices of shares and currency reduces and you find the loose. Usually the condition of forex change when any political condition become worse in the country or some criminal activities increase due to which people take out their money from the market instantly. So it is very important to be aware about the market trend all the time so that you could easily escape in such kind of condition.

The Falling three methods are used for monitoring current downtrend of the forex market. Falling three methods also called bearish candlestick pattern. Here are the Falling three methods.

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Forex descending trend channels are considered to be the fundamental patterns on the chart to be used in doing the analysis technically. A specific descending channel of trend is supposed to be formed when two of the trend lines are drawn; one of them is drawn from the higher price for a specific asset and the other for the lower price for an asset. If the situation is like the trend is supposed to be downward in the prices, then in this case the vacancy between the lines or trend makes a descending channel of trend.

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Ways to trade for a Forex Descending Triangle:

Following are the ways to trade for a Forex Descending Triangle:

  • The patterns of Triangle price have a possibility to be used in the trading of Forex for identifying potential setups of breakout
  • The Forex descending triangles are formed at the time when there is a convergence between a rising line of trend and horizontal line of support
  • There is an options for the traders to search the breakouts while considering the descending triangle for signaling the AUDJPY’s continuation and it’s downwards movement
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Forex or the foreign exchange market is gaining a lot of attention and the population interested to trade in foreign exchange market is increasing day by day. Trading in foreign exchange market involves the buying and selling of currency pairs depending on the rise and fall of the value of currency pair in the future. These buying and selling actions involved in the foreign exchange market highly influence the future of trading in the market and therefore, certain tools called the Forex indicators help the traders to make a proper decision on the action of buying or selling of the currency pairs.

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Foreign exchange market (Forex) these days is gaining a lot of popularity across the world. Forex describes the trading that is done in a foreign exchange market by two categories of individuals, the investors and the speculators. In the foreign exchange market, a trader buys a currency pair (e.g. Euros and US Dollars) when they expect the exchange rate to rise in the future. Similarly, if they expect that the exchange rate will fall in the future, then a trader prefers selling the currency pair before it falls.

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A Forex Bearish engulfing pattern is basically a candle pattern that is established when an uptrend is about to end. Some of the patterns are pictured and created by the interpretation of data of the two candles that are completed. One of the candles is to depict the end of the strength of that trend which has been established. It is important to note that the size of such a primary candle may be varying and is not supposed to be pertinent up to that specific pattern itself. There are different small candles like Dojis and a lot more; though are preferred, although in this type of situation since they have the tendency for reflecting the indecision of the market in the trend currently.

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There are a lot of Forex bearish reversal candlestick patterns. They have been elected for narrowing the field by the way of selecting some of those patterns that are considered to be the most popular of all for the explanations in detail. For getting a complete list of the bearish reversal patterns, there is a specific book that can be consulted. Some of the basic bearish reversal patterns that are considered to be the key include Dark Cloud Cover, Engulfing bearish, shooting star, etc. It is very important for remembering some of the guidelines related to the bearish reversal patterns that have been mentioned as follows:

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Commodity Channel Index:

The CCI also known as the Commodity Channel Index was introduced in the year 1980 by Donald Lambert. At first, CCI was designed in order to recognize cyclical movements within the commodity marketplace, however it is essentially a multipurpose analytic technical system.


CCI can be calculated using normal pricing & a typical moving average after which standard deviation is added along with a .015 scaling factor.

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Everything Your Need to About Forex Candlestick Charts

Forex Candlestick charts are typically used globally by all sorts of Forex investors. The charts can be preferred by investors since they’re quite simple to understand. Hence, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to easily use them.


Definition: Forex Candlestick Charts

Forex candlestick charts are the patterns which help you in predicting the future activities of the currency rates that is vital in order to make wise moves in forex trading.

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