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Forex Technical Analysis Archives

Created as a way of forecasting trends in the marketplace in the 1920s, fractal mathematics is applied by the Elliot Wave theory to movements within the marketplace to make forecasts according to crowd behaviour. In the Elliott Wave theory declares the marketplace in cases like this, the forex trade shifts in a string of 5 swings up, its essence and 3 swings backwards, duplicated perpetually. Clearly, there is much more.

Among the things in riding the Elliot Wave which makes it so catchy is timing. Among the important wave theories, it is the only person that does not place a certain time limit on recoils and the reactions of the marketplace. A single the philosophies of fractal maths makes it certain that there are a number of waves inside waves.

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Support and resistance is not something new in the world of trading. The concept is used as an indicator to predict various stock market fluctuations. Actually, the concept has a lot to do with the theory of supply and demand. Most charts look like exhibiting random price patterns, but when the theory of support, or of resistance, is applied, very often the price fluctuations on such charts no longer seem random.

Personally, I began to notice a trend similar to this when I watched stock ticker. Sitting in front of the TV, watching stock ticker, over time it occurred to me that certain price points of Down Jones Industrial Average had a bit of difficulty trying to break through other levels. Moreover, when round numbers were involved and the prices attempted to move, the forex trend became even more obvious.

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Regular Bullish Divergence:

regular bullish divergence

Regular Bearish Divergence:
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Elliot wave theory enjoys massive popularity – being described as advanced technical analysis, by many brokers and publishers.

elliot wave chart

Elliot wave theory has a huge and devoted following – shame the theory has no basis of sound logic that can help you make money!

Let’s look at Elliott wave theory in more detail and then look at sensible market analysis.

The theory was named after Ralph Nelson Elliott, who concluded in his book “natures law” that the movement of financial markets could be predicted by observing, and identifying a repetitive pattern of waves.

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There are so many Forex trading strategies out there that it’s not surprising so many people don’t know where to start. But actually, all of those strategies are some combination of two different techniques: fundamental or technical analysis.

A fundamental analyst looks at a nation’s entire financial picture to guide her trades, studying international macroeconomics and the forces that drive the supply of and demand for a currency. There are five of these factors:

• is that country’s government in good financial shape or in the red, and what is their financial policy (pro-business, labor, etc.)

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When considering and identifying price motives, the best tool is Fibonacci Ellipse. The Ellipse primarily works around price patterns by circumventing them. The shape of the ellipse fluctuates and changes with the change in price patterns. One can find different types of ellipses ranging from steep to flat, short to long etc. Market prices generally move along the lines of the Fibonacci ellipse barring exceptions. The difference between and ellipse and a Fibonacci ellipse is when the curve follows the series of Fibonacci in regards to using the ratio of major and minor axis.

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Human behavior isn’t just reflected in charts patterns as trend formations, small swings, big swings. Human behavior can also be conveyed in peak valley formation. Fibonacci channel utilizes these formations present in the marketplace & result in verdicts on how to correctly forecast significant changes in trend-directions.

The secret to Fibonacci channel is identifying the right peaks & valleys to work with. Resistance & support lines are drawn weeks & months in the future, after suitable bottoms as well as tops in the market place have been identified. You must only consider major bottoms & tops for the base line of a Fibonacci Channel with 1 or more noticeable side-swings. The broadest swing inside a time-frame of base line can be utilized for the trigger line.
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The easiest way to obtain Fibonacci sequence is by adding the final 2 numbers to get the next digit. The initial 2 numbers are 0,1. You simply add the previous 2 numbers for obtaining the next figure.

Whenever there’s a trend, the price action is slowly going lower or higher. If there’s an uptrend, then the price action can make higher lows & higher highs. Whilst for a downtrend, the price action can make lower highs & lower lows. These things can be much better clarified in front of price-charts. If there’s an uptrend, then the price action can start from Support-A, moves to Resistance-B, bounces back retracing itself & touches the next Support-C slightly higher, then A bounces back reaching a greater Resistance-D prior to again bouncing back. It, then reaches a higher Support-E. Hence, the price action is broken in 3 segments which are AB, BC & CD.
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Investors are continuously confounded by the puzzle as to when should they enter position in a trending market place.
If you enter too early, then you might run the risk of the stop getting hit prior to the trend continues its moment as you wish.
On the other hand, in case you enter too late, it is possible that you might guess, completely. This might result in disastrous results.

The below article discusses one of the most popular means that can help traders recognize suitable entry points while trading a trend. The below procedure can also help traders buy uptrends at the cheaper rates as well as sell downtrends at good rates.

The Right to Wait to Apply for Fibonacci:
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Forex trading is one of the best businesses around the world because many businessmen invest huge amount of money on it for earning the double and triple amount. However, Forex trade keeps some terms which only those people can understand who work in the field or who work with these kinds of people.  The forex engulfing pattern helps you in identifying the price. It makes you able to judge the correct price that’s going to be according to the trend of the market. It is very important to learn about being a successful forex trader. Even, through the price action analysis, it becomes easier to learn about candlestick pattern for better handling of the forex market.
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