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Forex Basic Archives

There are lots of people who think that the secret for a successful trading is knowing when the market is going to behave. Of course, this is true but this is not solely the thing you need in order to succeed in Forex trading. It is also important that you know how to limit your possible losses with the use of stop loss.

Basically, there are lots of people out there that have reiterated the importance of stop loss. These people are usually the most experienced traders in the market. One of which is Larry Hite who is a veteran fund manager. He stated that “If you do not manage the risk, eventually they will carry you out.” This means that no matter what amount of money you want to trade, if you have exposed yourself to serious risks, there are some points in time that you might fail. This is backed by the recent financial crisis in some parts of the world.

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When speaking of automated forex trading robots, these are usually those software options that you can use in order to watch Forex 24 hours. These robots are capable of receiving different market feeds and performing technical analysis in order to know the exact condition of the forex trading market. Aside from that, automated forex robots are also capable of detecting different parameters like the volatility, trend analysis, price action and other aspects that can affect your entire investment in the future.

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FOREX, or foreign exchange market plays a major role in contributing to the economy throughout the world. As the name suggests, FOREX basically accounts for the trading of foreign currencies and is no doubt, the largest over-the-counter market throughout the world and also the most liquid market and this trading is carried out among the participants from different parts of the world, through electronic communication networks. By 2010, FOREX had expanded up to a daily average of US$4 trillion across the globe.

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Before going into the details of Forex ascending trend channel, first lets talk about the general terms of an ascending channel. It is basically the action of price that is supposed to be contained in between the lines of upward sloping that are parallel. There are two signals called as the


technical terms of a specific uptrend, i.e. the higher pivot lows and the higher pivot highs. The lines of trend are such that they frame out the channel of price by making the line that is lower on the pivot lows; while the upper line is supposed to be the line of channel that is to be drawn on the pivot highs. The price is not supposed to be contained in a perfect manner always and forever. However, the lines of channel show those areas that are related to support as well as resistance for the targets of price. A high above that is supposed to be higher than an ascending channel has a possibility for the continuation of signal. If there is a lower low that is below an ascending channel’s low has the possibility for changing the trend of signal. Same is the scope for Forex ascending trend channel.

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